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Happy Holidays

December 24, 2021

Dear Alumni of NTU School of Pharmacy in North America,


Time flies, Year 2021 is drawing to a close.  Even though challenges continued this year as all of us are trying to regain our normal life with the help of COVOD vaccines, I hope you and your family have done well.  The Board of Directors of NTUSPAA-NA and I want to wish you and your family a happy and safe Holiday Season and New Year. 

Our bi-annual NTUSPAA-NA reunion was supposed to be held in 2021, which is also the 40th year anniversary for NTUSPAA-NA.  Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we were not able to have the event.  Recently, the Board of Directors discussed and agreed that we shall target 2023 to re-start our reunion event face to face.  Hopefully with the approval of COVID medication(s) in addition to vaccines, the pandemic can further be controlled in 2022 so we can see each other in 2023.

As yearend near, you may be considering your charity donation strategy as part of your 2021 tax strategy.  Please remember to include donation to NTUSP Endowment Fund (臺大藥學發展永續基金) through NTUSPAA-NA as one of your preferred options.  Now, in addition to donate by wiring or by check, you can also donate using Zelle® electronically.    The donation form is attached for your information.

Please stay safe and healthy.  We hope to see you soon in the future.

Best regards,

Tak Lee

President, NTUSPAA-NA 

Click: NTUSPAA-NA Donation form













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