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Donation to 花蓮縣社會處救助專户 thru NTUSPAA-NA

February 10, 2018

Dear Alumni of NTUSP in North America,

Recent sad news of Hualien earthquake hit all of us hard, especially during this time of the year.  The destruction and tragedies it had caused to the place we grew up and to our fellow countrymen made all of us want to jump in to help rebuild.

NTUSPAA-NA has identified that 花蓮縣社會處救助專户 is accepting donations for the rebuild efforts.  NTUSPAA-NA will accept your donation and transfer to the 救助專戶 on your behalf.  Your donation will be tax deductible.  Attached please find the donation form and wiring instruction (if you choose to wire, please note that wiring fee may be applied by the banks.). 

Please mail or wire your donation before March 2, 2018 as we plan to forward donations received to花蓮縣社會處救助專户 during the week of March 5.

We thank you for your big heart and generous donation.

Best regards,

Tak Lee

President, NTUSPAA-NA

Click here for Donation Form


*Wiring instruction for NTUSPAA-NA to receive wire transfer in US dollars
● Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
● Bank address: 420 Montgomery St.
● Bank City/State: San Francisco, CA 94104
● Bank Routing transit number: 121000248 or SWIFT address: WFBIUS6S
● Account number: 7839814113
● Account title: NTU School of Pharmacy Alumni Assoc in North America Inc
At the time of wire transfer, please email Tak Lee <> and cc to provide
donation info, your name, graduation year/class, contact info, and the amount wired in US dollar, and receive a reply
email within 24 hours acknowledging receipt of the email you sent.
Please complete the donation form and with a copy of wiring transfer document mail to
12 Iroquois Ave, New Britain, PA 18901

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